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First week part deux

Updated: Apr 4, 2019


If you can get the domain you want, Wix offers a free domain name with their premium plan. But since they don’t do .ca domains, I was out of luck - so I had to buy and connect my domain to my Wix site. It took about half a day but it works and I’m happy.

So far I’ve signed up for the combo plan at Wix for 120.00 USD per year and have purchased my domain for 32.72 CAD for 3 years. I’ve spent more than $150 so far and I still need to get my cards printed.

Next thing on my list is to get an email address with my new domain. Since I messed up by not getting hosting that came with a mailbox, I have to find the least expensive way to get email and forward it to Gmail. Thankfully, I found this step by step guide from the Digital Nonprofit.

I have to say, throughout this process I have been whipping out my credit card a lot. For anyone going freelance/starting a new gig, this can be a bit disconcerting. My advice is that if you can find a low-cost or free alternative, go for it. It might involve more effort, but just be aware that if the main attraction of a service is that it makes things effortless, it might be worth your while to stand a little effort at the start instead of paying recurring monthly fees.

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