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First week

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Here's some back story. I gave my notice 2 weeks ago and because I am not a Brexiteer, I stuck with my original departure date of March 29.

Then I went and gave myself 3 crazy deadlines:

  1. First week: hang out my shingle

  2. Second week: enrol in a French course and get up to speed with front-end development

  3. Third week: find work/sign a contract in one month.

Here's how the first week is going so far:


Instead of designing a logo and some business cards to hand out, I procrastinate and listen to Adele and Phil Collins because leaving a job after 7 years feels like a breakup. I start missing my colleagues and before I know it, I'm hanging around places where I'm sure to run into them. Like at a memorial for an old-school developer who passed away at just 61 years old. Rest in peace, Rod.


I get off my duff and design some business cards, a logo and an avatar. Having not done any significant design work nor drawn anything since 2013, I was afraid that the tap had run dry. But working from home and being able to sing along to the Alan Parsons Project as loud as I want seems to work a treat. Coincidentally, it was also the first day that the streets were clear of ice. The rest as they say, is just like riding a bike.

Wednesday (today)

I finish my first Wix site using the ADI editor. Then I find something funny going on with the gallery in mobile preview and switch to the Wix editor. Big mistake. You can only revert to the ADI editor by reverting to a previous version so you lose any edits you've made with the Wix editor. Since my original plan was to build a site from scratch, Wix is a good alternative if you need something up and running in one day. Just don't switch to the Wix editor if you're not quite ready.

#wix #tips

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