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Friday: Email travails

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

While I’m starting to really, really like Wix, emails are extra and you have to get GSuite for an extra 6USD per month.

For setting up emails with Mailgun, I found these instructions at to be much clearer. The screenshots for the Domain Verification steps may be out of date, so here’s a link to Mailgun’s documentation.

TBH, I haven’t had the best time with PlanetHoster’s World Panel interface while trying to update my DNS records. A few questions that popped into my head:

Why are there frames? Why are there two of them and why are they both scrolling?

Why is there a paginated list inside one of the frames?

When I zoomed out to about 50%, the scrollbars disappeared and I realized that the World Panel was probably not designed for a 13” screen.

I got flustered with the interface so I logged into cPanel where I found I was able to do what I needed, including:

  • Setting up my email

  • Forwarding it to my gmail account

I then followed the instructions provided by Travis Pflanz in this very helpful video to get GMail to manage my new email account.

In retrospect, I should have gone straight to cPanel. I only needed one mailbox and my provider wasn’t very clear on whether it was included with the domain I purchased. I didn’t need Mailgun because I didn’t need more than the standard 2 email accounts that came with my domain.

My takeaways from this entire experience:

  • It’s really worth digging to find features that come standard/free

  • There are lovely people out there who are very happy to share their knowledge

  • Mailgun's pricing model (free for up to 10K emails) is pretty neat

  • I really, really hate frames.

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