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A spot of bother with Blogger

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

While waiting for my DNS records to update, I turned to Google to remind myself that the internet is not a forgiving place. There at the bottom of the first results was a link to my Blogger profile along with a picture of me at 28. I take a moment to reflect on how thin I was in 2004 before clicking through to find links to all the abortive blogs I had started.

I’m pretty sure I changed the privacy settings a long time ago so search engines would never find them, but my Blogger profile was still visible and because of that, random people could still click through to posts that I would rather forget. Turns out that I forgot to:

Make my Blogger Profile private

  1. Login to and go to Edit User Profile

  2. Uncheck all the options under Privacy: - Share my profile - Show my email address - Show sites I follow

  3. You can also specify which blogs can appear on your profile.

Change the Blog readers settings

  1. Still logged in? Go to Settings > Basic

  2. Scroll down to Permissions > Blog Readers

  3. Click on the Edit link and choose either: - Private - Only blog authors - Private - Only these readers

  4. Save changes.

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