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Pencil portrait of Lee-Yan Marquez

I’m a Senior Technical Writer working in the software as a service space, with experience in higher education and the video game industry.

Most recently, I was the Team Lead for Knowledge Management at Power Factors where I was responsible for:

  • Release notes, user guides and customer-facing documentation for Field Service Management (FSM) and Asset Performance Management (APM) software.

  • Multiple Knowledge Bases and Content Management Systems.

  • Internal software and process documentation.


Technical Writing

I've written two editions of 3D graphics software manuals during an early stint in the gaming industry. I'm currently working in the renewable technology sector where my focus is on user-focused documentation for Asset Performance (APM) and Field Service Management (FSM).

Knowledge Management

I build and administer Content and Knowledge Management Systems in Drupal, Salesforce and Freshdesk. I also publish release notes, user manuals and process documentation in collaboration with product and software development teams in Europe, Asia and North America.

Project Coordination

I've spearheaded the migration of several knowledge bases to a single content management system. I've also helped maintain the integrity and quality of customer-facing resources during several platform upgrades and organizational restructures. 

Systems & Operations

I've designed and implemented systems to help improve efficiency and reduce effort for small, decentralized teams. I've also enabled asynchronous collaboration between groups across different time zones via platform integrations and automation.

Visual Communication

As a Web Designer and Comic Illustrator, I'm well-versed in user experience design and narrative techniques that help users with varying skill levels understand complex processes. I am also proficient in Graphic Design and Print Publishing.


“Lee-Yan Marquez has been promoted to Team Lead Knowledge Management. Showcasing exemplary professionalism, dedication, and a sense of organization, all with enthusiasm and a great sense of humor. Throughout the years, she grew from a skillful team member to a leader, quietly yet expertly shepherding undertakings such as the PF Community portal configuration and the Freshdesk migration.”

Magnus Henriksson

Chief Customer Officer
Power Factors

“The new admissions website is outstanding. I keep hearing such positive feedback! Please accept my sincere thanks to you and the entire project team for your hard work and effort.”

Ollivier Dyens

Deputy Provost

Student Life and Learning  
McGill University

Let's stay in touch

I'm interested in full-time/contract remote work in the Eastern Standard Time zone, as well as hybrid opportunities within the island of Montréal.

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